Blast Cleaning

SBC offer a wide range of blast cleaning services to all sectors, most material surfaces can be cleaned.


In House:

Chilled Iron/Alu Oxide - Carbon Steel - BS EN ISO 8501-1 - SA2 to SA3 - Up to 200um Surface Profile

Alu Oxide/Glass Bead - Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel - Profile Control SA2 - SA3 - 35 - 65um Surface Profile

Glass Bead - Non Ferrous Cleaning - No Profile Satin Finish

Aqua Blasting - Non Ferrous Cleaning - No Profile Bright Finish

Aerospace Grade Plastic Bead - Removal of paint from delicate items, no heat transfer or warping components - ie car panels

Soda Blasting - Removal of paint/gel coats from composite components



Industrial works - Expandable abrasive - use once to clean rust, paint and milscale. This system achieves a profile for the application of new protective coatings.

A wide range of material size is offered to meet specific requirements.


Inspection is carried out in house and also on site at every stage of our process. We use the latest in technology manufactured by elcometer.


We cover: Surface salts - Elcometer 138 bressile kit & Patches

                  Environmental Conditions - Elcometer 319 - Dew meter

                  Surface Profile - Elcometer 224 digital gauge

                  Recorded Surface Profile - Elcometer 124 & Testex Tape

                  Wet Film Readings - Elcometer 3236 combs

                  Dry Film Thickness - Elcometer 456 - F/NF digital gauge

                  Adhesion Pull Test Kit - Elcometer 106 - 2000psi Capacity


All inspection equipment is calibrated as manufacturer's recommendations.


All inspection carried out by an experienced BGAS/CSWIP Grade 2 Inspector


Paint inspection reports are completed daily and submitted on completion of works including certificates of conformity for the LTQR packages.

Collection & Delivery

Industrial  Coatings

Protective coatings are applied in house in our controlled environment in our purpose built spray booth.

SBC work to the highest specifications in the industry on a daily basis, working only to approved procedures for industrial works, the coating could be a 2 part system right up to a complex 4 part system for Industry

We would always ask for a specification and drawing ensuring this is the correct revision at the given time.

We have a selection of systems for applying these industrial coatings:

Conventional spray (HVLP) equipment from Devilbiss is used mainly for small components and small batches.

Pressure Pot Spray (HVLP) is used for larger items or larger batches of components.

Airless Spray System - the latest in technology from Graco (King) for large structural steel work and large batches also includes fire protection coatings which cannot be spray applied by any other means.

All coatings are applied by qualified and experienced personnel here at SBC.

Other Coatings

Galvanising Service


Items are cleaned to specification and sent to be hot dipped galvanised. This service usually has a one week turn around as there are no galvanising plants here in Cumbria. Items usually go to the North East or Leeds for this treatment.



Powder Coating

A powder coating service is offered from SBC, all items are cleaned prior to coating.

Items are powder primed prior to finish colour and lacquer.

A large motorbike frame is maximum size that we can offer at this present moment. 

A wide range of colours are available, specific colours can be bought in for clients, a surcharge would apply.

Pictures below are of Colin McRae's WRC Focus Wheels after refurbishment including new stickers and a BMW M3 (1989) Rocker Cover coated in a Crackle Black.

We offer a collection & delivery service to all, covering all of Cumbria on a regular basis. Our new Transit has a work bed of 4mx2m and a capacity of 1.3t.

If your items are larger than this please get in touch as we use a local haulage firm which we use on a regular basis.

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