About us 

Solway Blast Cleaning was established in 2007 by two brothers Oliver & Simon Howard who have worked in this sector for many years previous all over the UK, we supply the industry with the highest levels of service in this sector working to the highest specifications.

Since opening we have been involved with many projects locally and nationally, recently working alongside Shepley Engineers Ltd SBC completed a contract for the British Library, situated next to St Pancras Train station, we completed the new railings and gates which surround nearly the full site, over 300 panels were cleaned and painted here at SBC. (Small selection below)

A Different Approach


Since opening back in 2007 SBC have invested largely on improving the facility to accommodate a wider variety of contracts.

In house we have dedicated booths for the cleaning of a wide range of materials using different abrasives which cover most specifications.

From experience we know that most "Blast Shops" have only one booth for the cleaning of Carbon steel usually using chilled iron as the abrasive, we cover far more of this sector.

We can clean anything from heavy structural steelwork right through to removing the gel coat form composite products.ie Carbon fibre/Fibreglass.

A small experienced work force ensures the high standards that we have set ourselves are met every day.

Coatings are applied in our specially built industrial spray booth where items are hung for the protective coating to be applied, this ensures that there is minimal touch up to be completed, this also ensures total and complete coverage of the system.

 Inspection is carried out in house at every stage of our procedure by an experienced qualified BGAS/CSWIP Grade 2 Inspector, all findings are logged on a daily report and submitted to the client on completion for the LTQR packages.

Flexible working hours are also offered to ensure that project timescales are met when working with SBC.


Company Expansion 


Due to the nature of our clients and contracts, we have found that over the last few years we have come to the point where we have outgrown our facility as the contracts are getting larger with the demand.

Our new facility and expansion is purely to cope with the larger contracts, a purpose built blast cleaning & painting facility of which is the largest in West Cumbria. This facility has a lifting capacity of 10tons using 2x  5t ABUS Cranes and a working area of 34m x 10m.

Environmental conditions will be controlled to meet paint manufacturer recommendations at all times using a heat recovery system which is also reducing our carbon footprint.

Due to the facility being a new build everything has taken into account to achieve the high standards of the industry.

SBC have also recently achieved the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality standard for Blast Cleaning Of Surfaces and painting.

Solway Blast Cleaning Ltd

Surface Preparation & Coating Specialists