Gallery - A very small selection of various works completed at SBC!

The British Library, London.

SBC joined Shepley Engineers to complete the new railings and gates for the new build - 0ver 300 panels completed to a high specification.

Industrial collection baskets

 for the nuclear industry. Blast  cleaned and painted to specification, stencil work carried out to show SWL and Item No.

A 7 ton heavy  fabrication completed in house, Carbon steel mainly with stainless steel components.

All masked  and painted a 3 part complex system, stainless steel components untouched. Item finished in Magnolia & Black.

A large carbon steel fabrication for industry, multi coat system applied internally, also stencil work as specification here at SBC.

Structural steel work- Full System

Blast cleaned & painted a 3 part system:

Zinc Rich Epoxy @ 75um DFT

Epoxy Intermediate @ 125um DFT

Finished in acrylic urethane @ 100 um DFT - Colour RAL 7035 Grey

Large carbon steel wedges meters fresh from heat treatment. These were blast cleaned and painted in house to specification then shipped to China for installation on a new power plant.

Complex Industrial trolleys for the nuclear industry after wel inspection,

these were coated in a polysiloxane finish. BS 18D43

SBC working closely with one of the country's leading craftsmen. This is a handmade sign made from copper for the Queens College in Cambridge. Installed in 2013 - Beautifully made.

Stainless Steel Wedge Meters bead blasted clean to remove all heat transfer and markings also to give a uniform finish. All flanges are masked off for this process here at SBC. These items were sent to China.

Multi Coat Systems -

Due to hazard/safety -

Items blast cleaned, primed, painted yellow and masked off at 50mm before painting black, stencil work as requested.

Please be aware these systems do take time to complete.

Weighing in at over 1 ton, this monster stainless steel wedge has been bead blast cleaned in house. As you can see this process gives a nice clean finish removing all heat penetration marking. gasket faces are always masked off for the cleaning process.


Stainless Steel Venturi, Bead Blast Cleaned in house prior to shipping to China for installation

New pipe work for the boiler park on site completed in house, a heat resistant system good for 540 degrees(insulated), all shapes and sizes - 3 part system.

All inspection carried out during this process prior to installation on site.

Very delicate aluminium control heads for a fire extinguishing system - gentle bead blast clean and a heat resistant coating to specification - over 400 degrees.

One of rallying greatest cars - S7 FMC

Ford Focus WRC built at M-Sport for the world rally championship, driven by the late Colin McRae. Bead blasted clean in house for the customer to maintain the shell - pictured below on completion in 2012 before heading to a private museum.

Pictured Below: The Iconic Ford Focus WRC driven by the late Colin McRae also the new Ford Fiesta WRC for the new regulations in the World Rally Championship - SBC cleaned the body shell and refurbished the Alloy Wheels.

After the devastating floods in Cumbria SBC were involved with the remedial works carried out on the new bridge over the river Derwent in Workington.

Picture showing the new bridge being lifted into position

We have completed many contracts for the Workington RNLI station over the years - this is the davit which lifts the boat in and out of the water, it's the only one of its kind in the UK.

A vintage truck engine that we were asked to strip down, clean all components and paint "Post Office" Red, inlet manifold aqua blasted and exhaust painted in a heat resistant coating - this belongs to West Cumbria vintage club and is in use today

A VW G60 Super charger from 1990, a very delicate piece of equipment, stripped into individual components and aqua blasted clean before rebuilding in house.

Newly fabricated stair case ready for our process after inspection.

The dark grey colour is not the steel colour, this is known as milscale and must be removed prior to application of protective coating.

A Victorian Gate from Cockermouth.

We were asked to remove the gate from the sandstone pillars, refurbish the gate and re install. It looks perfect and should last another 100 years!

We were asked by the BTCC Vauxhall team - 888 race engineering of Banbury to clean both of their race cars over a two day period as the time frame they had available was very tight due to testing in Spain, we couldn't say no! We cleaned both cars here in our facility in Workington as the Race truck awaited on completion. As a thank you for working late into the night/early hours we were given a VIP day at Croft circuit for the round of the BTCC - A great day!!

Jacobs Stobbarts construction Ltd, Transit pick ups in for the tipping beds and subframes cleaned and painted in their new colours  -  RAL 5002 Ultra Marine Blue  - Good for another few years of hard work

We were asked by a local enthusiast to clean all components of his latest creation - as you can see its a one off as usual.

We cleaned everything you can see using a wide variety of processes that we offer in house - Bead Blast - plastic and glass, aqua blast for casings and aluminium components - looks the bizz!

A beautiful Victorian Cast Fire Place - A great deal of  time was taken to gently remove the tiles prior to cleaning the cast Iron. This fire place had been covered over using plaster board and was uncovered during the floods in Cockermouth. It is definately now the main feature of the living room after all those years. The fire was painted in a matt black heat resistant coating before installing the tiles

in the exact positions as previous

An intricate Victorian cast garden table for a beautiful house just outside Cockermouth - finished in a urethane coating - colour code -RAL 7021 Anthracite.

BMW M3 EVO - Body shell bead blast cleaned in house for a customer from south Cumbria - A beautiful example, we know this is used as a track car!.

An old classic! The Mk 1 Ford Escort - 2 stage blast cleaned then etch primed in house ready for the customer to complete the full conversion to rally spec - Love it!

Log burner bought from a well known auction site in a bit of a mess, refurbished and finished in matt black here at SBC

After a fire at one of our customer garages we were asked to refurbish the wheels and make them look original - multi colour system as factory - Ford Capri alloys form the 80's.

The very first car body shell completed here at SBC. This Subaru was bead blasted clean using an aerospace grade plastic abrasive which we have a dedicated booth for in our facility. Removes all paint without generating heat on contact so no chance of warping panels. The finish is "as was" in the factory when made prior to the painting. Shell in picture has no paint on!

A 1996 VW gearbox brought to us for cleaning, all steel items removed, blast cleaned and painted, the box was aqua blasted clean ready for installation in a local show car

IWe have been working on this 1944 Albion Gun tractor(6x4) for the last few years, working closly with the owner this has been a nut and bolt restoration, all items have been blast cleaned, primed, painted and then top coated in the olive drab, pictures taken as the rear body was fitted after painting using our overhead cranes to place the 2.5t body exactly where it needs to go. A stunning piece of British Engineering and a top speed of 28mph!! Cant wait to see it at the shows!

Alans Gates 1.JPG

Wesley House enterance gate in Cambridge, aluminium water cut gate painted 3 part system finished in red RAL 3020.

St James Gates.jpg

ISt James' church Whitehaven, SBC removed , refurbished and re installed, we applied the gold once installed.

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