Solway Blast Cleaning Ltd is based on the Clay Flatts Industrial Estate in Workington, West Cumbria.

We offer High Quality Services in Blast Cleaning & Protective Coatings to all sectors - Nuclear, Petrochemical, Construction, Marine, Agricultural, Domestic and Motorsport.



Solway Blast Cleaning is a well-established company that has been trading since 2007, priding ourselves on our quality and high standard of services to all engineering companies locally and nationally who deal with the industrial sectors on a daily basis. Having completed many large demanding projects over the years we have gained a large customer base here in West Cumbria and also customers and contracts from all over the UK. We have covered works ranging from 10ton right down to less than a kilo in weight.


In our facility we are able to clean most materials from large structural Carbon Steel to the smallest delicate machined components. In this process we can remove, rust, paint, milscale and any hard coatings. We also have a vast selection of abrasives used in house to cover most aspects of the industry.

SBC can even remove the gel coat from composite panels without damaging the material, these processes are controlled in house by experienced and qualified staff.

Working to the highest standards in the industry on a daily basis, all carbon steel work is cleaned to BS EN ISO 8501-1 and a minimum Swedish standard of SA 2, we can achieve any cleanliness specification required and a surface profile up to 200um peak to trough if required.


Protective coatings are applied on completion of the cleaning and inspection process in our controlled environment within in our facility, coatings can be applied by hand, conventional spray, pressure spray or we can use the latest technology from Graco in the Airless Spray System for the larger items or larger coats, such as fire protection. Multi coats systems are easily covered in house, all items are masked off in house to drawings and specification. Inspection is carried out at every stage of the coating process, records are logged and kept for the LTQR packages.


Solway Blast Cleaning also offer coating inspection out on site for all industrial works using a BGAS/CSWIP Grade 2 Coating Inspector.





Blast Cleaning - Also Known as "shotblasting", "Grit Blasting", "Sand Blasting" - 

The process of cleaning by propelling an abrasive material at the surface using compressed air under high pressure, this removes the initial surface including any type of coating and in most cases produces a profile on the surface for the coating to adhere to.

In house our main abrasives used for carbon steel are aluminium oxide (F36) and chilled iron (G7 & G12).

A selction of our abrasives used in house do not produce a profile.

Glass Bead Blast Cleaning - Used on non ferrous materials/ delicate items

In house we mainly use a glass bead for the cleaning of non-ferrous components such as aluminium and stainless steel components, this can also be added to aluminium oxide to control the surface peaks. We also use glass bead with water, this is known as aqua blasting, this process gives a brighter finish than the standard satin from the dry process.


Plastic Bead Blast Cleaning - Paint removal from very delicate items

A dedicated blast booth in house for the plastic bead blast cleaning, we maily use this system for the cleaning of vehicle body shells as this material does NOT generate any heat on contact.

Material designed for the removal of paints in the aerospace industry.



Protective Coatings - Main Manufacturers in the industry

Working to high specifications we select our protective coatings from the very best manufacturers in the industry, painting procedures are written in house for approval prior to commencing works.

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